For the past few years, I've been honored to participate in the "Big Man's Bash" honoring the music legend and raising money for some important causes. We've been at Bar-A and the Stone Pony with dozens of NJ Shore bands playing some of the best Rock-n-Roll ever produced.

This year is a bit different as the endless lockdown in NJ isn't showing any signs of letting up with Murphy extending his emergency orders every time someone sneezes. We're not giving up of course and neither are the good people who organize the event every year.

Jesse Warren joined me on the show.

Jesse is a producer and promoter at Big RoaD Entertainment. He lost his brother Scott to a heroin overdose in 2015 and committed his talents to producing shows to help raise money for charities like NJ's top recovery group, CFC Loud-n-Clear. With the out-of-control spike in suicides and overdose deaths related to the continued government lockdowns, it is beyond time for us to get back on stage and get everyone moving forward again.

The last time we were on stage, Bar-A was packed and yes, I actually sang. Ready to do it again.

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