I was pleased to have former Governor Dick Codey on my show this morning. Codey, along with Republican Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick, will be hosting a charity comedy event at the Stress Factory on Tuesday the 20th.

I asked Governor Codey how he got involved in it. Codey said that it was mainly an idea drawn up on day on the golf course with Jon Bramnick. Bramnick approached Codey by stating, "Hey Gov, why don't we do a comedy show down at the Stress Factory?"

"It's for a good cause, Bill. It's for Alzheimer's. You know, Alzheimer's,  It's the costliest disease in the world today." Codey went on to state that it hits home with him because he lost his dad to the disease.  Codey stated, "People lose their dignity and its just an incredible disease to have for the family. The energy that it takes, The time and everything else to give your loved one what they need."

I lightened up the discussion a bit when I told Governor Codey that I would be the MC of the evening. I promised to start the event off with the infamous "muffin joke."

My revelation didn't seem to inspire too much confidence from Codey who wrapped up the interview by saying "Do me a favor? Take a dive." Yikes! It may be a long night for me.

Check out the full interview with former Gov. Codey in the YouTube clip above.

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