Your chance to win cash—up to $10,000—kicks off on Monday, April 4. Are you ready to see your bank balance boosted? Here are 10 things you need to do to prep for your chance to win Jersey Cash Codes on New Jersey 101.5

 1. Check Your Specs

You're not seeing double—we promise. We just doubled the daily prize for Jersey Cash Codes. We're going to give you TEN codes for your shot to win Jersey Cash Codes, up to $10,000 every weekday beginning Monday, April 4 AND we're giving you an additional shot at winning $2,000 every weekday, too!


Make sure you're listening for the codes you need to win Jersey Cash Codes daily until the contest ends Friday, April 29.

2. Rehearse Your Reaction

How hyped will you be when you with Jersey Cash Codes? Will you let out a scream? Drop an OMG? Start practicing now so you're ready to W-I-N!

3. Download Our App

You don't want to miss any of your 10 codes for your shot to with Jersey Cash Codes (up to $10,000!), so download the New Jersey 101.5 app now. With our free app, you'll be able to listen to us any time, anywhere.

Subscribe to our contest alerts, and we'll send you a notification when it's time to listen for the latest Jersey Cash Code.

4. Schedule Swimming Lessons

The first Jersey Cash Codes code word you need to enter the contest drops the morning of April 4. Score that $10,000 Grand Prize and get your Scrooge McDuck on!

5. Share the Love

Tell your friends and family to get in on the Jersey Cash Codes action and remind them that if they win, they'd better slide a few dollars your way. You can share some of your winnings with the fam or keep it all to yourself (we don't judge)!

Let everyone know about their chance to get this bag—from your 3rd cousin to your bestie back in 3rd grade—and then get ready to Win Cash. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to cold hard cash.

6. Work on Your Wish List

What's on your Amazon Wish List? Have your eye on something cool at your favorite local shop? Heck, maybe you're dreaming of putting a pool in your backyard! You'll be able to shop 'til you drop if you score the $10,000 Grand Prize.

7. Get Crackin'

Crack your knuckles and get hyped to type! You'll need to enter our daily code words for your shot at winning the $10,000 Grand Prize or the $2,000 Daily Prize.

You can Win Cash beginning Monday, April 4. We'll give you TEN codes every weekday through Friday, April 29. 20 days, 10 codes a day—that's 200 entries for you to Win Cash.


8. Listen to Your Favorite Radio Station

Goes without saying: if you wanna Win Cash, you've got to tune in! Make sure we're #1 on your presets so you never miss an entry opportunity. You can listen through our app and on our website, too.

9. Manifest That Money

Say it with us: I deserve this cash. We don't know if manifestation actually works, but what's the harm in reminding yourself that you deserve to Win Cash?

10. Remember the Basics

Jersey Cash Codes starts Monday, April 4, and ends Friday, April 29. We will drop 10 codewords every weekday that you'll use to enter the contest. Every time you enter, you have a shot at winning a Grand Prize of $10,000 or you could win the Daily Prize of $2,000.

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