Only a handful of businesses have been allowed to open up during the lockdown, car dealers being among them.

Well, the first lawsuit has already been filed by a woman who said she was fired for complaining about the unsafe conditions she was made to work in. She claims when she complained, she was let go. So of course, she's suing the Mercedes dealership in Cherry Hill. She apparently made enough of a stink to get herself booted out of the business. These days we can't handle that. Even if we're disrupting our employer's business and generally being a pain in the a**, it's OK we'll just file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Lawyers are especially hungry lately, so watch out.

There is a quick fix for this. Surprisingly the New Jersey Legislature nimbly put together a bill that would pay workers who are not comfortable going back to work just yet. Other than my preferred option of "suck it up, buttercup," except in the case of the very vulnerable, this seems to be a decent option. But knowing how some people like to take advantage of a situation, I'm sure more than a few people will gladly take the money even though they may not have any real concerns. Other than the concern of having to work for a living. As with most government fixes, it will have unintended consequences, but don't worry. You and I will be picking up the tab as always.

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