I live in Hillsborough Township (Somerset County). Like many of my friends and neighbors, I have been without power since Monday night.

gas line 2
The gas line looking the other way up Amwell Road towards the gas station. (Craig Allen photo)

Gasoline is at a premium, for cars...and more importantly, for generators. Finding a gas station that has power to run the gas pumps, let alone the gasoline, is tough.

in line
Putting the last drops of precious fuel in...while waiting in line to get more! (Craig Allen photo)

As you have been hearing on New Jersey 101.5, gas stations are open til they run out of gas, and the lines are long. Yesterday, my brother got gas for his car, and when he handed over the gas can, they ran out. He needed the full gas can to run his generator, more than he needed the car fill-up!

These pictures show the scene that I encountered at around 4:00 this afternoon, as I ventured out from my neighborhood for the first time since heading home from NJ101.5 in the early hours of Monday morning!

gas station
Pulling into the station! (Craig Allen photo)

Here's the tail end of the line just to fill gas cans...

gas cans
The gas can-only line starts HERE. (Craig Allen photo)

...and these guys are joining the line!

3 amigios
I turn around, and here come 3 more for the gas can-only line! (Craig Allen photo)


Success! Filling up, after a LONG wait! (Craig Allen photo)

If you look closely at the photo below...there is a police officer (reflective jacket) watching the goings-on at this gas station. Its a friendly crowd.

Note one of Hillsborough's finest, watching the proceedings. (Craig Allen photo)

Stay with New Jersey 101.5 and nj1015.com for the latest Sandy information! Let us know where you find gas!

And, thanks to my friends Colleen and Randy for letting me hijack their internet, so that I could share pictures with you! And, for the hot meal, and a shower!

Pictures of the devastation and cleanup around my neighborhood will be posted another day. When will I have power? Maybe November 10th. I hope its sooner!

So as to leave you on an "up" note: If you can get to it...

The BEER is here! (Craig Allen photo)

Neither rain nor snow, not sleet, nor Sandy can stop the beer from flowing!

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