As we slowly emerge out of this pandemic and return to the office, it appears more and more of us feel the need to go to work when we shouldn't be. This is especially true for full-time employees, who have the ability to use sick days.

Of course, those of us from New Jersey often feel like we can't slow down. We're always in such a rush that we may feel left behind if we dare miss a day of work.

Sometimes, we'd rather save our earned time off so it can be used when we see fit. We'd prefer to be out on our own terms and may be reluctant to change that.

But it goes beyond that. New Jersey is also ridiculously expensive, and some of us might feel we can't afford to skip a day of work. This is especially true for those who aren't full-time and don't have paid sick days.

Drazen Zigic
Drazen Zigic

The problem here is twofold. For one, by not taking care of yourself, you're preventing your body from getting any better. It's more beneficial to take the day and rest up so you can properly focus when you get back to work.

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Second, you make your co-workers uncomfortable when you're constantly coughing and sneezing. Regardless if you think you can shake it off, the wise choice would be to stay home and have someone cover for you.

Call in or call out?

If you're feeling under the weather and your job isn't essential to a point you can't be off, then take the day. And if your employer threatens you'll lose your job, then you're better off without them. Just rest, and see the doctor if you feel it's necessary.

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