More than 10 months ago, after the news broke about alleged hazing that took place inside the Sayreville War Memorial High School locker room, the rest of the season was cancelled. The public still doesn't know specific details about what happened and the information may never be released.

50-yard line of the Sayreville High School football field
50-yard line of the Sayreville High School football field (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

Now the team, with new coaches and new locker room policies in place, is looking forward to a new start on the gridiron in a couple of weeks, and many local residents are as well.

NJ 101.5 spoke to several community members at a Sayreville sports pub regarding the controversy and the new high school football season.

"As far as we know, nobody did anything wrong and we have a new football program this year so we're going to be fine. Because of the Penn State thing a few years back and how bad that was I think they just figured this happens all over and now it wasn't like that, it wasn't anything like that — kids  fool around all the time in locker rooms, we all went to school and we all played pranks on each other,  and we knew that it was nothing, no big deal." — Dennis, pub customer.

"I think the general feeling is the borough is ready to move on, there was a lot of attention, things have been corrected and they're ready to move on." — Mark, pub customer.

Outside in the parking lot, a patron named Shooter pondered the question then said he believes the incident was "definitely blown out of proportion."

"I believe they should give the kids another chance, I put it away a long time ago." — Shooter

Shoppers at a nearby supermarket also said they were looking forward to the new season.

"There's no problems, we should get back to the way we were before. We were a very good football team before — whatever happened should stay in the past and we should look to the future." — Shopper

Another shopper stressed football is important, but so is justice.

"I mean if somebody did something that they were accused of they should be held accountable for their actions." — Shopper

"I don't condone it it's absolutely wrong, but now I could see trying to get past it, put a team back on the field and everything. I guess it's just an unfortunate thing that happened, hopefully it's just over and done and they learn how to just police em a little better." — Tom, Sayreville resident

"I think the children that are accused should not be allowed to play, get all new people and let them play and start all new." — Louise

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