Hey, for the record I think blogging is well.....gay.   So here is a gay post.  Today on the show Judi and I made another passing reference to how gay people revitalize blighted communities.  People don't talk about it much in the media.  It's just sort of an unspoken true phenomenon of modern American society.   We've seen it happen in cities all over the country.  So why not have a government program to encourage this in all blighted areas.  Because gay-Americans (thank you Jim McGreevey) are the essence of the true American spirit. 

Gay people are more open here in the US than most anywhere else in the world.  Free to be who they are.   Free to be independent and take risks.  Many times they are free to take risks where hetero couples would not.   Many gay people don't have children, so they don't worry about the school system or the dangerous environment.  They are true pioneers in these once thriving but now desolate landscapes.  They risk their capital, they pursue their dreams.  They take pride in their surroundings and improve the neighborhood.  Because they have a stake in it.  They own it.  If it were government subsidized it would fail miserably like the homes and businesses the government has been trying to prop up in those communities for generations now.  Those brave gay men and women who have turned these neighborhoods and towns around are true American idealists and pioneers whether they know it or not.  McGreevey was on to something.  They should be proud gay-Americans!

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