Bored with all the same Olympic events? Dennis and Judi decided it was time to make a change to the Winter Olympics events program!

Judi loved the video above so much, that she wants to make ice farting while skating a new Olympic sport.

Since Judi went with ice skating, Dennis decided that he would want to add a curling event for Italians, Ice Bocce Ball.

We opened it up to the listeners, asking what events they would like to see in future Winter Olympics:

- Mr. Farcus in Pt Pleasant: Events Using Slinkys

- Matt in PA: Snowball fight

- Michael in Linden: Fastest Texting Contest

- Dave on Rt. 130: Pot Hole Dodging

- Jim in East Winsdor:  Vibrating Bean Bag chair while eating pizza

- John in Marlboro: Bring back the ancient events

- Dolores in Hillsborough:  Double Dutch Jump Rope or Yo-Yo's

- Erin in Califon: Ice Walking in Uggs

- Carrie in Philly: Monkey-throwing poop Dodgeball

- Gregory in North Carolina: Racing boats made of beer cans (which is apparently already an event in Australia according to Gregory!)

- Sue in King O' Prussia: Olympic Drinking team

- Shannon in Toms River: Olympic food Shopping before a snowstorm. You get bonus points for getting bread, milk and eggs.

What events would you create for the Winter Olympics? Keep the list going by commenting below.

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