You probably know to stay off the roads the weekend of July 4th, Saint Patrick's Day, and New Year's Eve, but August clocks in as one of the deadliest months for drivers.The American Safety Council finds August to have four of the top 10 deadliest days for drivers - August 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 12th.

One of the main reasons August is so dangerous is because there is a convergence of drivers all on the roads at once.

"You've got summer sports that are winding down, and then you've got the looming factor of September and back to school. So there are more people on the roadways in the August and driving to a vacation destination," said Tracy Noble, public affairs manager for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

While most people might think of August of when summer winds down rather than ramps up, Noble pointed out people try to take as much advantage of the entire month before everyone returns to a busier work and school schedule.

"Sometimes summer just gets away from us and people realize 'oh my goodness, it's August we better do something' and you do see that pick up in travel."

With so many people on the road at once, Noble said that is where accidents happen.  "But a lot of them are very preventable if you take the extra minutes and prepare to get to your destination you will decrease the likelihood of a crash."


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