When the vaccines came out, the biggest concern among the masses was whether it would protect us from getting COVID-19. After being assured that it would, many in New Jersey rolled up their sleeve and got their two shots.

Then Johnson & Johnson came out with their one-shot and many took it in an attempt to get the "herd immunity" needed to get New Jersey back to normal. Did anyone think to ask about blood clots?

We now know that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been suspended by federal health agencies at vaccination sites after 6 recipients developed blood clots and one died. This came from a report in the New York Times. If you're thinking it's only one in the 7 million doses that are already been administered, it's one too many and we don't know how many more there will be for a virus that has more than a 97% recovery rate. Did this person really have to die trying to protect themselves from that?

Another Times article does point out that, "Experts have yet to determine to what extent, if any, the vaccine is responsible for the clots."

If you're thinking you've got COVID protection from the J&J vaccine, think again. The New York Post reports 52-year-old Francisco Cosme is in critical condition with COVID five weeks after getting the J&J vaccine. So what exactly are we doing here?

Granted the numbers are low, but in the beginning, the COVID-19 numbers were low. Will Gov. Murphy be reading the names of the "blessed souls" who died after getting the vaccine? Can he at least acknowledge that people are getting sick from these shots? Our own Jeff Deminski felt ill the day after getting his J&J shot, but says he's not worried.

What about you? Are you worried? My biggest fear about the vaccines was that I didn't want to get it and see a late-night TV commercial months from now telling me "If you've got the COVID vaccine, call the law offices of so and so and you may be entitled to a cash settlement!"

We won't be in for anything if this goes wrong because the pharmaceutical companies have immunity.

I got the Moderna shots and I'm praying nothing bad comes out of that. I also pray that nothing else bad comes out of this. It would really suck to die from getting a vaccine to protect you from a virus that you had a 97% chance of recovering from in the first place. It can happen, in fact it just did.

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