"I hate to think that I am prophetic," Jim Gearhart says in the latest edition of the weekly Jim Gearhart Show podcast and Facebook Live show.

But for years, Jim has been warning that American society could be nearing a breaking point. He's seen "self interest, materialism on steroids to the point of a frenzy in this culture," Jim says.

And he's long wondered what, if anything, we could possible to about it.

"Unfortunately, to push a reset button, it's going to take some kind of a real calamity or tragedy," Jim says.

Jim always envisioned that happening in terms of an economic collapse — maybe something akin to another Great Depression.

But with the novel coronavirus threatening to kill — depending on what estimates you look at — dozens to hundreds of thousands of Americans, and with countries all over the world grappling with the same, Jim wonders if that day is here.

Do you think there's a chance, in whatever tragedy may come from the coronavirus pandemic, we may find an opportunity to grow as a culture? Or to get back to our core values?

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