The latest push from crisis-actor Phil Murphy is to hire contact-tracers to make sure that anyone in contact with someone who tests positive for coronavirus is contacted by government employees and tested. Beside the absurdity of never-ending fear of coronavirus, this raises a number of questions.

First of all, how will the state know who to visit in the first place? Will private testing information be shared with government employees? What about medical privacy? Then, what obligation does the person who tested positive have to out all of the people who they came in contact with? What would be the consequences for any person who is named by someone testing positive? People are prone to panic, as we’ve seen over the past few months. That panic will lead to additional closures and so-called ‘safety measures."

Do you really trust government employees to safeguard your privacy? Do you really trust a college kid with a personal laptop asking for your personal information and then recording it? For me, it’s a no. No test and no vaccine until it’s been tested for years and only then I’ll consider it when (and if) I reach the age of vulnerability.

Bottom line is all this talk of safety is a distraction to empower government. All of these measures do nothing to eradicate the virus. The virus runs its course and most of you will simply be fine. If you’re vulnerable, then you could die. So that raises the question about why government is not focused on making sure vulnerable people are protected. Why are we crushing the liberty of healthy people? Our own government is responsible for literally forcing long term care facilities to take in positive patients knowing they will be among the most vulnerable in our state.

Look at the results of states and countries that remained essentially open. Sweden lost fewer than 5,000 people with no lockdown. Compare that to NJ which lost more than 11,000 and went into full house arrest for its citizens. Look at Florida with fewer than 3,000 deaths. This despite the fact that they have a much higher population of vulnerable people. The way to end this pandemic crisis is as simple as you deciding to trust your immune system and our medical docs who can help you if you catch it.

The fact remains most people will be unaffected by the virus even if they have it and most people who get sick will survive. How long are you willing to tolerate big government crushing your rights in the name of ‘safety’?

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