A new report out by Google shows New Jerseyans are following orders to stay home.

Mobility for retail and recreation is down 59%. Trips to the grocery and pharmacy are down 33%. And trips to parks is down 36%, which should rise to near 100% with the governor's new order to close state and county parks on Tuesday. You can take a look at the numbers here.

Nice report card, if you don't mind Google tracking your movement by your cellphone. Also if you don't mind your government controlling your movement and behavior in the name of safety, based on faulty models. But I digress.

We can take some civic pride in the fact that we care enough to try and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. However, who knew Americans would abandon their work, their lives and their freedoms so easily? One clue to that end, was the fact that we easily elected someone like Phil Murphy, and probably will again.

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