With a few exceptions, it seems that most New Jerseyans are quite comfortable with the shutdown and are in no rush to reopen. For those of us on "team sanity," we recognize that if we’re serious about listening to the science and the docs (at least those without a political agenda) the virus has run it’s course and at least, according to one frontline head of emergency medicine docs, not necessarily because of social distancing.

If you need more proof that the virus is on the way out, check out the CDC reports on provisional deaths showing clearly that the worst was over a couple weeks ago.

Despite these facts from medical science and frontline heroes, a majority of New Jersey seems afraid to reopen. Guess if it pays more to sit on your couch than go into work the panic and fear are working out well for ya! For the rest of us, we know that our immune systems can be compromised from staying home and in isolation too long. For the rest of us, we’d rather embrace our constitutional liberty and live like Americans. Free to choose our level of risk without the government enforcing unnecessary restrictions.

Just when you thought every politician is lost, one courageous voice of reason, joining my friend state Sen. Mike Doherty, who has been consistently strong throughout, is Assemblyman Robert Auth. He’s ready to open and embrace risk, and get people back to work. It was refreshing to speak to him on the morning show this week. Take a listen.

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