Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni joined me Tuesday Morning to discuss the role of the prosecutors office in difficult cases like the Colts Neck murder.

We talked about the gruesome and challenging crime scenes and the impact on his team. We also discussed that the wheels of justice take time to turn. It may be far into 2020 before we have a verdict in the murder case.

As I said on the air several times, first, the accused deserves his day in court. And if he's saying he's innocent and his family is supporting him, then the public needs to relax and let the system work. Thankfully, a judge ruled that the press will not have access to the evidence and details until after the Grand Jury does their job.

It's time for everyone to dial back and stop needing to see every details in cases like this. Let the system work and wait for a verdict. Until then, go one with the details in your own life and tone down the desire for morbid details.

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