In his never ending quest to bring about pension reform, Governor Christie has taken to releasing a mock movie trailer urging the public and (hopefully) the Legislature to get behind his efforts to bring about real pension reform.

The mock movie is entitles “No Pain, No Gain,” and shows clips of the Governor in a series of town hall meetings discussing the issue; along with a clip of “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson” to get the point across that action, rather than words, are needed to bring about real change.

However, this is a well worn tale. No one is going to dispute that real pension reform is needed.

Question is – if I or other media outlets hadn’t let you know about this trailer, would you even know of its existence?

It’s cute, and it makes the point; but was it necessary to have produced, given the fact that production costs don’t come cheap.

The release comes ahead of the first of a series of summer town hall meetings at which Christie will discuss “the impending fiscal crisis the growing entitlements of pension, health benefits and debt services are causing.”

A spokesman for Christie said the video was made in-house and is similar to others the office has produced.

One commenter had made the point I raised earlier as to whether or not it was worth the cost to produce. Do you feel it was?

We need pension reform and we need it now. No doubt. However, was it worth the cost to produce, just to get the point across?

Was it worth the cost to produce a mock movie trailer about pension reform?

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