Gov. Chris Christie admits his dream to grab the Republican nomination for president could come to an end before he’d prefer, but it won’t be anytime soon.

Gov. Chris Christie takes calls from listeners during the September edition of Ask The Governor on NJ 101.5. (Kira Buxton, Townsquare Media NJ)

“You always have to be realistic about your career,” Christie said Wednesday night on Ask The Governor. “Everyone’s going to lose but one.”

Christie was asked by host Eric Scott whether there would be a point in the process when he would know for sure that his chances to secure the nomination were shot.

“If that happens to me, I’m a big boy,” Christie answered. “But hell, I’m far away from that.”

Despite those comments, Christie still guaranteed the nomination when all is said and done.

The governor has shown insignificant, if any, progress in state and national presidential polls, still trailing long behind Donald Trump, whose star has shined for much longer than candidates and political pundits had expected.

But Christie suggested The Donald’s run won’t last forever. Speaking to the issue on ATG, Christie said the “summer entertainment season” is now over, and people are going to truly start examining the candidates for substance.

“And I feel like we’ll do just fine when that starts to happen,” he said.

Christie laughed at the thought of a Christie-Trump or Trump-Christie ticket.