Charlie Giles faces more problems not related to 9/11 as the investigation by News 12  New Jersey  into his claims about being rescued from the rubble of the World Trade Center while working as a paramedic has uncovered more inconsistencies into his account

Charles Giles speaks to News 12
Charles Giles speaks to News 12 (News 12 New Jersey)

Barnegat Police confirm that Giles was arrested for simple assault on August 28 at a home on East Bay Avenue but say they cannot offer any additional information.

Giles' claim to have suffered injuries that made it impossible for him to work are seemingly refuted by his employer, Citywide Mobile Response, whose CEO tells News 12's Walt Kane that “all of our employees returned without injuries" on September 11, 2001.

Photos taken of their employees taken that day shows Giles uninjured and joining other employees in cleaning dust and debris off each other. Giles says the photo was taken on a different day.

Citywide CEO Walter Golden also says Giles claim to be assigned to work at Ground Zero for three months is untrue. “None of our employees were sent back to Ground Zero after Sept. 11th,” Golden told News 12. Giles alleges Citywide is lying as he filed a workers compensation claim against the company.

Documents obtained by News 12 show that Giles did not lose his home to foreclosure but sold his home voluntarily when he fell behind on his mortgage payments. Giles said he may have made $1,500 on a short sale of the home.

News 12 brought the allegations to light after they had been whispered about for several years.

Ilya Hemlin contributed to this report

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