A while back Dennis and Judi were chosen to be in amazing new film entitled the "West End." The film is by NJ native Joe Basile and will be showcased this weekend April 4th -7th at the legendary Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park.

Watch the viewing of the NJ film 'West End' this weekend in Asbury Park

'West End' is the NJ version of Hamlet on the Jersey Shore. Vic Trevi, the main character is caught between the duty of the law and the duty he has of taking care of his family.

The film will be screened Saturday night at 10:30pm at the Paramount Theatre. If you'd like to buy tickets to see the 'West End' or any of the films at the festival, click HERE.

For a full listing of all the films being shown at the Garden State Film Festival, click HERE.

You can watch the trailer for 'West End' that Dennis and Judi have a special role in below.

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