New Jersey comedian and actor Carlo Bellario's name is in the news because he may face five years in prison for a prop gun. As Dennis & Judi were discussing his story, we were lucky enough to have Carlo join us on-air.

Before getting into sharing his story, Carlo Bellario started his phone call off by saying he's a huge fan of the Dennis & Judi show. What Carlo wanted to share more than anything about this story was his sincere gratitude and the overwhelming local support.

When describing the case in it's self, he described it as "senseless" and that he still "can't wrap his head around it". He also mentioned how he thought it would blow over and didn't take it seriously at first.

He also said how if he saw this, he would probably have called the police too. Carlo Bellario didn't want to go through media circus to share his story, but when lawyers were charging a ton of money to represent him, he felt this was the only way.

On a lighter note, when Carlo asked if he and Dennis could work together, Dennis responded in a typical sarcastic matter.

Listen to the full Dennis & Judi interview with Carlo Bellario in the clip above.