The haters are back on social media!

I kinda missed them when I took some time off from Twitter. They are back for sure. I continue to speak truth about how asymptomatic people are not the spreaders of respiratory illness (from the "experts" in their own words) and that kids are essentially immune from serious health complications from COVID. That has some people, who want to continue the never ending "sky is falling" narrative, all up in arms!

For months I’ve been talking about the political side of the pandemic and how the shutdown was far worse than the virus itself. Despite having the facts and evidence on my side, many people still want to fear-monger and panic. For them, there are three outlets.

First, use the hashtag #FireSpadea on social media and see if you can get some traction. I’ll even lend a helping hand with a few retweets!

The second outlet is to complain directly to the bosses. HERE’s the online form.

There is even a third option, but this one requires some maturity and common sense. You ready? Turn the station off during my show.

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