In one corner, the scrappy Congressman from Long Island who’s the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee taking to task Governor Christie for criticizing the NYPD’s surveillance of mosques and student groups in New Jersey as political pandering.

In the other, the equally pugnacious Governor and former US Attorney who shoots back at the Congressman for protecting his buddy Ray Kelly as being New York style politics.

Both a couple of Irish guys (well, one’s half Irish) who aren’t given to backing down.

And according to the AP in an article posted here: King told Fox Business Network on Wednesday that Gov. Chris Christie is letting his personal feelings get in the way of protecting New Jersey residents from terrorism.

So I guess the good Congressman from Nassau County wants to continue the “border war”!

And in a border war, just like a pissing contest, no body wins and everyone gets wet.

The Governor has already said that King should just "keep quiet".

It was just a few short weeks ago that the Governor appeared on our airwaves criticizing the NYPD and its commissioner, Ray Kelly, for not disclosing to other agencies its monitoring of the Muslim community in New Jersey.

King, ever the mind reader, said, in effect that our Governor was pandering to the muslim community.

According to this article, Congressman King said, that Gov. Chris Christie crossed a line when he mocked Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as "all-knowing, all-seeing" and said the NYPD's intelligence operation in Newark may have been "born out of arrogance."

"It's really disturbing and disappointing to have someone like Chris Christie join on this politically correct bandwagon," "I wish Chris Christie was more concerned about keeping people alive than he is about trying to score cheap political points."

In answering that charge, according to this piece, the Governor countered by saying…I’m not making the argument whether or not what the NYPD did in New Jersey was legal or illegal. That’s for the (New Jersey) Attorney General to decide. It’s bad law enforcement practices to not coordinate,’’.

“Congressman King can say whatever he wants to defend his buddy Ray Kelly. This is New York politics and they’re defending each other. That’s fine. But the point is, someone should ask Congressman King if he opposes law enforcement agencies coordinating with each other.’’

Which was the lesson we were supposed to have learned in the wake of 9/11....or was it?

Personally I think the Governor was right to criticize the NYPD for not coordinating with New Jersey officials in their expanded surveillance.

So in this Posse poll:

Who do you think is right? Peter King or Chris Christie?