Hooking up has never been easier thanks to apps like Tinder, Down, and Grindr.

MOre apps available for hookups

Think of how cool technology has made this? With one slide of your thumb you could find an amazing night of your life! But then comes the next morning when you find that you may have gotten a little something more to remember it by. Thanks in part to these easy hookup apps, sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing over the past couple of years.

In Utah, apps like Tinder, Down and Grindr could be partly responsible for gonorrhea rates in Utah being up in women more than 700 percent, they use as an example. The Utah State Health Department is now scrambling to figure out why there’s a link to Utah residents hooking up via these apps and bringing infections home to their spouses and partners.

How are these apps treating you in New Jersey? Do you use apps to hook up? How have they worked out for you? How much do you worry about STD’s when you hook up? Discuss in the comment section below.

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