Anthony Rodia is a very funny man who's coming to the Mansion in Mountain Lakes this Saturday, Jan. 16 along with special guest Goumba Johnny. Click here for tickets.

Not only can Rodia, a first-generation Italian American from Westchester, New York who exploded onto the comedy scene, make you laugh, but his whole family can crack you up as well, whether it's his Dad, Uncle Vinny or Zia Lucia. His videos have been viewed over 35 million times on social media.

"Making people laugh is something I've been able to do since I was a child," Rodia says on his website. "I'm the same person on stage that I am off stage. Funny is the only way I know how to be."

Rodia came on my show Wednesday, Jan. 13 and talked about some of his comedy characters.

"I play all my characters," Rodia said when he called in. "The reason being, they go like, 'why don't you have your dad on?' I'm like, 'because my dad has a broken english accent and I don't feel like spending nine hours to teach him lines.' So it's better for me to play my dad."

The funniest thing that's happened to Rodia in New Jersey?

"Getting lost on the highway, missing an exit and somehow Waze telling me I just saved myself 22 minutes. I don't know how people drive in Jersey."

Rodia guarantees if you come to his show you will have a great time.

"If you can make it to my show, I guarantee you will leave with stomach pains and tears in your eyes from laughter."

To get tickets to see Anthony Rodia this Saturday at the Mansion in Mountain Lakes this Saturday night, click here.

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