Governor Christie vetoed a bill in 2014 that would ban smoking at New Jersey beaches. It had overwhelming support on both sides of the aisle. So why didn't they just override his veto? Back then, Republicans were hesitant to challenge Christie. Things could be different now.

The legislature is back at it and with bi-partisan support. Assembly members from both parties just advanced a re-introduced bill to ban smoking at beaches and parks statewide, and the Senate is getting ready to do the same. With his favorability numbers in the toilet and his bid for president in ruins, Republicans could be much more likely challenge the governor's veto. In fact, no longer thinking of a run for president at least this time around, who knows if he would even veto it again?

What do you think? Personally I feel it's long overdue. Yes smokers have a right to smoke, but not everywhere. The rest of us have a right to breathe. When two rights are in conflict with each other, I think you have to tip away from the right to partake in the single worst thing you can do to your health and towards the right to be unencumbered by someone else's carcinogens. Besides, the bill would allow for municipalities to set up 15% of their beaches as a designated smoking area if they choose to. I'm not entirely sure that works well but it's a compromise.

How do you feel about a potential smoking ban at the beach? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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