Scenes like this are playing out all over the country. Kathleen Byrne turned 95 last Wednesday in New York State, and her family showed up on her front lawn to sing her "Happy Birthday."

Grandparents are quarantined in their homes or nursing homes, and loving families come to serenade them or just wave from a safe distance. It can be tough for any family dealing with an aging parent or grandparent. These days are especially tough. So many people have arranged for meetings outside senior centers, nursing homes or grandma's house for birthdays. Such birthday greetings have been going viral.

My 89 year-old mom has been in an assisted living facility for barely two months and my siblings and I were told last Wednesday that we can't visit her until further notice. We certainly understand and the place is taking great care of her. The people there are amazing and we're lucky to have found such a great place for her. We had been visiting her every day since she got there and taking her out for church, meals and appointments. We're a close-knit family and it's been tough, but mom is making the best of it, but can't wait until it's all over.

My sister and I talked about going up to the window of the assisted living facility just so she could see us and we could see her, but we agreed, we'd lose it and mom might get even more depressed. We all have our struggles through this pandemic in so many different and heartbreaking ways. Hopefully we come out of it soon (not too soon for my mom) and we'll be stronger and wiser for it. Don't forget your elderly family members.

Even a phone call can make their day.

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