PLAINFIELD — City Council members are getting a raise next year — and one councilman might need that extra dough to pay for his legal fees.

Council Vice President Barry Goode was arrested and charged in a drunk driving accident outside his home just before midnight on Dec. 9, reported.

Two days later, Goode joined most of his colleagues to boost the mayor's pay by 115 percent and to raise their own salaries by $5,000 a year.

The salary hikes drew howls of protest from angry residents who packed the council meeting. But residents and colleagues had no idea about Goode's arrest until news of it was reported days after the meeting. cited police reports that said Goode hit a tree and fell out of his vehicle. A neighbor said they saw Goode stumble out of his car and walk into his home, leaving the door open.

Polcie said they went into the home to check on him and found him undressing and unable to answer their questions.

Police said after his arrest, Goode attempted to call Public Safety Director Carl Riley, who wasn't available.

Goode was charged with driving under the influence, refusing to take a breathalyzer and careless driving.

New Jersey 101.5 could not find a working phone number for Goode on Saturday.

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