MOUNT OLIVE — Police have received 14 reports of vandalism of vehicles, buildings and signs that were spray-painted between Friday and Sunday with profanity and, in one case, a hot-pink swastika.

Vandals used black, pink and blue spray paint to leave their mark in the Stedwick Village section, Police Cpl. Marianne Wurtemberg told the Daily Record. One picture of the vandalism shows a pink swastika sprayed onto a white car.

Wurtemberg told the Daily Record the vandalism was first report Friday at 10 p.m. with the last call on Sunday afternoon.

Other pictures posted to the Mt. Olive Twp NJ Alert Facebook page show gibberish and in one case "FU" spray painted onto a car.

Mayor Rob Greenbaum called the incident "shocking" and  told New Jersey 101.5 that police know the names of three juveniles involved but no arrests have been made.

"It's unfortunate and I believe the police have a pretty good handle on the juveniles involved in the incident. They don't believe it's a bias crime but they do believe it's a bias incident," Greenbaum said.

"I think we need to do a better job in terms of educating our kids that that kind of conduct is inappropriate whether its bias related or vandalism. We're hopeful that type of event doesn't happen again Mount Olive because that's not the type of community that we have here. It's a very integrated community, very caring community," Greenbaum said.

The incident comes the same weekend that more than 100 tires were slashed in a Jewish neighborhood in Lakewood. No arrests have yet been made in either case.

Vandalized car in Mt. Olive
Vandalized car in Mt. Olive with "FU" (listener submitted)

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