Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. This morning I opened the show by discussing the reasoning why Heidi Cruz, wife of GOP candidate Ted Cruz, wouldn't be coming on the show.

A few weeks back, Heidi Cruz postponed an interview with me, after they decided that Heidi should be with her husband Ted in Wisconsin. While I'm sure the Cruz campaign didn't appreciate my snarky response that they have working phones in Wisconsin, they said they would revisit the interview later on.

Yesterday I checked in with my contact to find out if Heidi would be coming into the studio or calling in to the show and I received a very odd response. About an hour later, in an email, I was told that Heidi wouldn't be coming on the show because of a post MY FATHER had put out on social media. My only response was "WHAT?!"

My father posted an article, without any further commentary, about Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump interacting while their husbands are going at it on the campaign trail.

Here's a screenshot of the post:




Here's another screenshot of my dad promoting Heidi's original interview with me on NJ101.5:


The concern, according to the email, was that I would "sandbag" Heidi during the interview. None of what my father had put on social media should have had any impact on an interview whatsoever.

Listen to my full recount of the story with Eric Scott in the video above.

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