I’ll make it easy for you.

The Supreme Court upheld the requirement today that all newly minted drivers have to carry the red sticker affixed to their license plates as a part of Kyleigh’s Law.

The red stickers were designed to increase the ability of police officers to monitor young drivers on the roads and let more experienced, older drivers know to be on alert for inexperienced car maneuvering.

However, in an interesting twist, my colleague Steve Trevilese asked the question as to whether or not seniors should be required to do the same.

You would think that if the stickers are in place to alert other, “more experienced” drivers to watch for teens, shouldn’t the same be implemented for seniors.

After all, they do constitute a good percentage of drivers on New Jersey’s roads…despite the fact that seniors will tell you how “experienced they are!”

And seeing is how there’s a new survey out

stating how much risky behavior drivers here are engaging in, don’t you feel a sticker program would help you to distinguish the good from the bad.

Or in this case, the teens from the seniors!