The New Jersey Supreme Court heard arguments today, about whether Kyleigh’s Law – which requires younger drivers to put a red decal on the license plate of their car – violates privacy rights.  

Gregg Trautmann, a Rockaway attorney challenging Kyleigh’s law, says “forcing people 17 to 21 years old to place decals upon their vehicle identifying them as such, violates the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act, which says you cannot give out information – the state cannot give out information that identifies an individual.”

Kyleigh’s Law is intended to assist police enforce parts of Jersey’s graduated driver’s license system, which restricts when a teen can drive, and how many friends are allowed in the vehicle.

Opponents of the law are concerned it may allow stalkers and perverts to identify potential victims, and then go after them.

The law is named for a 16 year old girl from Long Valley who was killed by a car driven by a provisional driver six years ago.

The Justices may take weeks, or even months to decide the issue.