If you’re a teen, you’re going to be keeping that red sticker on your car. The New Jersey Supreme Court upheld Kyleigh’s Law today, ruling unanimously that requiring the decals doesn’t violate privacy laws or constitute unreasonable search and seizure.

“The red stickers were designed to increase the ability of police officers to monitor young drivers on the roads and let more experienced, older drivers know to be on alert for inexperienced car maneuvering”

That being ruled, why not have a sticker for seniors who drive in New Jersey to alert both the police and other motorists, to be patient with the person who’s usually driving about ten miles slower that the speed limit and about ten miles with their right blinker on. (I kid, I kid)


If the purpose of the sticker is to protect, then why not protect the seniors too? If it were up to me, I would have mandatory testing with every license renewal after 65. I think, as a driver, if I need to be aware of inexperience, I also need to be aware of too much. If you know that the person driving the car in front of you is a senior, you may not get as mad at them which could cut down road rage. You may also be looking out for them if you see a problem they could be having.


Personally I’m opposed to any kind of a sticker but if we’re going to adhere to their purpose, I think we should protect the old as well as the young. What do you think? Please take our poll