When Deminski and Doyle producer Joe Votruba got a look at my luxurious Flemington Fur coat yesterday, he just had to take a stab at it.

All day, Joe eyed the coat, petting it, commenting on it, and just basically dying to get his hands on it. Finally, the challenge was on. Since Joe isn't the biggest guy around (in fact he's pretty darn skinny), he figured he could fit into the coat just as well, if not better, than I.

(Judi Franco/Townsquare Media)

And fit it did! I think Joe's got a case for being one of the few guys at the station who could actually rock this luxurious pelt on a daily basis. In fact, I thought it looked so good on him, I actually thought of taking it right off and giving it to him for keeps! (Well, maybe for a second!)

He was sad to have to give it back, but I assured him that he could borrow it anytime.
It may be close, but I think Joe may have worn it best.

Who do you think wore it best? Take our poll below:

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