Former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama were in Jersey City this past weekend to kick off the Presidents Cup Golf Tournament.

The picture of all three of them smiling together does the heart good, with all the division in our county today. The only one missing there to complete a foursome was the current President, Donald Trump.

So the I asked some guys in the office Friday who they'd like to play golf with and the conversation took a few turns. I'd like to golf with Barack Obama. I didn't like anything he did as President and think his ideology is wack. But of all four of those guys, I'd be most comfortable riding in a golf cart and playing a round with him. Just the cool factor alone....through the roof.

I'd like to go fishing with W. I could show him a thing or two about catching stripers(he and his family did that a lot up in Maine) and he seems like a good fishin buddy.

I'd share a glass of whiskey with Bill Clinton at a bar and just shoot the shit, mostly about women and cigars.

For President Trump, whose company I think I'd enjoy the least, I would just like to have his cell # in case I'm ever in a jam and need to make a phone call. I also think of all four, Trump has the best shot of doing something good for the country, being an outsider and a renegade. Blow that bureaucracy s--t up.

Most of us don't favor or vote for a candidate we don't like. We vote for someone we have an emotional attachment to. Where has that gotten us? Right. So see if you can be objective and tell me who you'd like to:

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