Do you feel safe driving alongside your fellow New Jerseyans? We are overworked, sleep deprived, with longer and longer commutes. We can take our driver's tests in many different languages even though all street signs are in English. We have a governor who wants to offer driver's licenses to people who are already proven lawbreakers by being in the country illegally.

Then there's Lakewood.

Just this weekend, within 20 minutes of each other one man crashed into multiple parked cars appearing to be under the influence and another person struck a pedestrian who was seriously injured. It might be safe to say it at least feels like Lakewood may have the worst drivers in New Jersey. So on Monday's show we asked instead who comes in a close second? Where are the worst drivers in the Garden State?

This is what our listeners had to say on the matter.

Mark says it's Edison, around the Oak Tree Rd. area. He says it's too built up, a lot of foreign born drivers in the area that may not be used to American driving customs, and that in general it's a death trap. (A suicide rap? Better get out while we're young!)

Theresa called in to back up Mark on all he said. To make things worse, she was raised in South Jersey and only moved to Iselin 4 years ago. Theresa said the driving in Middlesex and Union Counties remains quite the cultural shock.

Alpa says the worst drivers can be found any given day on McCarter Highway in Newark. Too many lights and too much speeding.

Lorraine in Long Branch says her town has gotten terrible for bad drivers. She blames everyone from young, inexperienced drivers, to foreign born motorists, to those with out of state plates who are there each day and even truck drivers. Lorraine needs a day at the spa.

Rob told us how his parents recently moved to a 55+ senior community in Manchester. Turns out there's a ton of senior communities in that area, and when he visits his parents he counts on driving at least 15 mph below the speed limit.

Nate, a truck driver, says with all that he sees it's hard to choose. But if he had to pick the worst it's the stretch of JFK Blvd running from North Bergen to Jersey City. Nate says if you want to find the worst, craziest, most dangerous drivers you'll find them there.

Kevin called to offer the theory that within 3/4 of a mile of any highway off-ramp is where you'll find New Jersey's deadliest drivers. The theory is drivers in those first few thousand feet entering towns with lower speed haven't yet mentally adjusted out of highway speed mode.

Grace says she recently moved from East Windsor to Plainsboro and is now afraid to leave her house. Yes, she says it's that different. I can tell you I spent 3 years living in Plainsboro and I never had so many close calls as during my time there. Every time I dropped my kids off at the elementary school it was five minutes of holding your breath wondering if some student would be hit by a car that morning.

Tom was the only one who had a seasonal offering. He says the worst drivers from all over the state seem to descend on Cape May County during the summer, and they bring their bad driving skills and lack of courtesy with them.

Kathy recently moved from Monmouth County to Union County. She says the difference is night and day. She is horrified by how people in Union County drive and she's never appreciated Monmouth County like she does now.

Finally Joanne says the worst drivers can be found on the Garden State Parkway between Union and Essex Counties. Having driven that highway from hell a lot, I can't say she's wrong.

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