No, I'm not starting a diy home decorating blog (blech) but I feel like showing you what I do when I get off the air (and what you can do easily if you are so inspired!)

When my kids were young, I was a do-it-yourself freak, using every spare minute that I was off work to do a home improvement project. Not hammer and nails as much as paint and glazes, but I always tried to do stuff the kids could get involved in.

Now that they're older and some are out of the house, I decided to tackle the thing that's been bugging me since we moved into our house 17 years ago.

The hideous golden oak builders-grade 90s staircase.

I guess it seemed acceptable at first because my house was brand-new and everything was all shiny and fresh. But over the years, it got so ugly and beaten up I just couldn't look at it anymore. We slapped a carpet runner down the middle years ago, but it still couldn't dress it up. My husband kept saying "okay, stop whining and call someone to redo it." I would always answer, "No way! You know I can do this myself! Why would I call someone?" With kids and work and life keeping me otherwise occupied, it remained for 17 years.

Well, I got the bug. We ripped up the carpet and I started. Using my favorite chalk paint, which is the lazy woman's paint since it adheres to anything and requires no sanding or priming, I'm in the middle of putting a nice little white wash glaze over it, which I show close up below. The balusters and stair risers will be white which is tomorrow's step. Then after that, a Polyacrylic topcoat to give it a nice satiny sheen.

Of course I did only half the staircase so that people could walk up and down while it's being done but I think I'm off to a great start I'll keep you "posted!"

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