It's a little game we play once in a blue moon on the show. It's called Well I Never! You think of a thing that almost everyone else has either done, seen, tasted, etc. but you never have. It could be a movie, a common food, almost anything. The reason it came up again is we found out Kylie Moore who often subs for our producer Joe Votruba had never seen the movie A Few Good Men. Doyle loaned it to her so she's all caught up with the early 90's now. And this movie in and of itself while hugely popular may still not be so immensely popular that it became part of national consciousness. At least not in the way never having seen Star Wars or The Godfather would be truly shocking.

So we went to the phones. Here's some of what we got.

Judy called to say she was born and raised on Staten Island then moved to live as a young adult in Manhattan. Now lives in Forked River. And even though she's always lived so close to it, she's never once been to the Statue of Liberty. As a kid her school even had field trips to the Statue of Liberty, but when she was in 2nd grade they held it for 4th grade. By the time she was going into 4th grade they pushed it back to 3rd grade. Always missed out on it.

Jenna called in because she never once has tried coffee. Not even a small sip off a teaspoon that a lot of our moms let us try as kids. Nothing. Never. Other callers said the same thing.

Holly has never seen a single Star Wars movie or a single Indiana Jones movie. Was she in a coma in the 1980's? Same thing for Joanne. Never saw a Star Wars film, not once, not ever.

Jim said he's never seen It's A Wonderful Life, which has become such a holiday classic that it is a bit hard to believe.

Others said they never had a Big Mac, and we found out Kylie Moore who started this whole thing has never had one either. How do you grow up in America and never have a Big Mac? Spies? Robots? Cyborgs? I'm growing more suspicious of all these people!

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