NJ101.5's Facebook page put out a challenge on Friday. We asked fans to send the most Jersey pic in their phones. Hundreds of people responded. It made me go through my own phone to see what I had saved. This is what I came up with.

Jeff Deminski photo

That's of our son at less than 2 years old playing on the beach at Seaside Park, NJ. Far too many to post all of them here so we're offering just a small sampling of what listeners sent in. There was plenty of Jersey food represented.

Joe Bianchini via Facebook

This was sent in by Joe Bianchini. We're thinking that slice could still be a little bigger.

Lauren Lala via Facebook

Here's the famous Donkey's Steaks of Camden, NJ representing South Jersey with their unique spin on cheesesteaks.

Marcelo Bueno via Facebook

Can't forget about Pork Roll! Thanks Marcelo!

Carol Burke Christian via Facebook

They're coming to yoooouuu! Fun at the annual Zombie Walk in Asbury Park.

Eric B Morrell via Facebook

The iconic Asbury Park Convention Hall.

Nicole Marie Doherty via Facebook

At first glance this just looks like a nice beach photo. Look closer and you'll see Nicole was making a statement about people who litter on our beautiful beaches.

Montell Pierce via Facebook

Then there are those who only want to get out of the Dirty Jerz, like whoever is driving this vehicle.

Jason Wargo photo via Facebook

What would New Jersey be without some pics of some celebrities?

Scott Golden via Facebook

Because in New Jersey, you never know when or where you might meet Bruce Springsteen.

To see more of people's Jersey pics visit our Facebook page.

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