This week in the newsroom saw everything from reactions to our reports on emergency usage fees to temperatures hitting 90 degrees to a major child porn bust and ending with Governor Christie addressing "Snoozesteen."

Trenton Responds And Temperatures Rise

The week kicked off with State Senator Tony Bucco stating his plans to enact legislation, in response to our series of reports on emergency usage fees being charged by a few towns in New Jersey.

We highlighted another blow being dealt to Atlantic City, in the form of casinos filing property tax appeals, which is threatening a major part of the resort's budget base.

And the unseasonably warm temperature trend continued, with Monday high temperatures hitting 90 degrees in some spots across the Garden State.

Elections And Taxes

Tuesday was the deadline for tax filings, as well as municipal and school elections across New Jersey.

Senate President Steve Sweeney joined the fray, as the latest lawmaker to respond to the controversial emergency usage fees.  Sweeney plans to introduce a plan to count the fees towards the property tax cap.

Medford and Lawrence went to the polls to decide if there towns would be permitted to exceed the 2% property tax cap.

A new report reiterated the urgency to boost levels in the New Jersey State Police force.

A Child Porn Crackdown

On Wednesday, came the announcement of a major bust on child pornography with more than 2 dozen arrested spanning up and down New Jersey.

Governor Christie addressed the recently re-visited topic of New York City issuing a commuter tax on New Jerseyans.

New Jersey mayors weighed in on the on-going hot button issue of emergency user fees.

The Death Of A Legend

Thursday morning brought the sad news of entertainment legend, Dick Clark's passing.  The 82-year old died from a heart attack.  His death has spurred remembrances across the world for the man who transcended and defined generations.

Our news on Thursday focused on a series of stories that put a spotlight on exactly how tough the current economic climate is for New Jerseyans.  Kevin McArdle reported on how New Jersey drivers are coping with high gas prices.

The increased gas and tolls have strained over head for transportation of goods, which means that consumers are getting hit with the fall-out.  It's lead to a situation where families are being forced to have both parents work or have one stay at-home because it's more cost effective, especially when you add in the price for daycare.

In fact, our poll received 80% of the votes that said staying at-home with their children was the more cost-effective move.

Kelly Walrdon ties it all up in a story on how New Jersey is lagging behind the rest of the nation, in terms of a comeback.

In a positive note, Red Bank and Princeton cracked Smithsonian Magazine's List of "Best Small Towns In The Country"

The "Snoozesteen" Scandal

We closed the week with some answers as to whether self-professed Bruce Springsteen fanatic, Governor Chris Christie, actually fell asleep at a recent Bruce show at MSG.

Christie had not been asked about until a Thursday press conference, where he jumped at the chance to tell his side of the story. It provided a very entertaining and light-hearted moment at the State House, which Kevin Mcardle sums up in that link with video, extended audio, and pictures.

As for New Jersey business, the Governor remained confident in his revenue projections for the upcoming budget.

Senate Democrats held a Tele-Town Hall to outline their tax cut plans, this time to senior citizens across New Jersey.

We close this week with the video below of Governor Christie's explanation about the "Snoozesteen" Scandal.  I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.