Without new trooper recruits, the ranks of the New Jersey State Police could plummet to the lowest level in over a decade according to the State Police.

Governor Chris Christie's budget proposal calls for $3.3 million for two new classes and State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa tells the Assembly Budget Committee that he hopes the legislature approves the plan.

Chiesa hopes there will be a net of 225 new troopers who graduate from the classes. One class would begin in April and the other in June of 2013. They are scheduled to graduate in October and December of 2013.

"I think the two new State Police classes will address what is a period of attrition within the State Police," says Chiesa. "These graduates will be a welcome addition to the State Police and it is our hope, in fact our expectation, that the new classes will also increase diversity within the State Police ranks."

Asked if 225 new troopers will be enough to maintain adequate staffing, Cheisa says, "We will continue to make sure that we're evaluating their manpower (and) evaluating their mission."

Chiesa explains, "This budget also enables the purchase of 250 State Police vehicles. Around the clock, our State Police vehicles are subject to often rigorous use and nearly 40% have greater than 125,000 miles on them."

The Attorney General says it's important to the safety of both the troopers and the public they serve that there is funding to upgrade the State Police fleet.