Its a three-way race to win your support for a tax cut plan in New Jersey.

Earlier this week Assembly Democrats visited a home in Hamilton to push their property tax cut proposal. Meanwhile, Governor Christie and Senate Democrats continue to hold town halls across the state seeking the public's approval.

Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg held a telephone town-hall with over 11,000 AARP members Thursday.

"Our plan is cut and dry and reduces property taxes 10%. It targets middle class homeowners. The governor's plan favors the wealthy" said Senate President Sweeney.

Governor Christie wants to cut income taxes across the board 10% and Assembly Democrats have a plan to cut property taxes 10%.

Sweeney said under their plan, a family earning the state's median income of $69,811 with property taxes at the state average of $7,758.20 would save $775.82.

"It should be helpful to you to put a little bit of extra money into your pocket" Senator Loretta Weinberg said to the callers on the tele-town hall.

A recent Monmouth University/New Jersey Press Media poll showed that New Jerseyans prefer Senate Democrats plan over Governor Christie's by a 2 to 1 margin, 61% to 32%.

Christie said he and Sweeney are close to a tax cut agreement.

"We have varying proposals, but our goal is the same. We'll get there."

Courtesy NJ Senate Democrats