As you're enjoying the "4th Of July Party Hits" on New Jersey 101.5...relaxing with family and friends...please take a few moments to remember the reason for the day!

There are "patriotic" songs that "come out to play" today...

Here is one that hasn't been heard in years!

Find New Jersey in this t-shirt flag! (Craig Allen photo).

Chances are, you have never heard "The Flag," with narration by Charlie Van Dyke.

Open the link below, to hear "The Flag."

As Charlie explains, it was 1976 and everyone in the media was trying to find something to do that tied into the Bicentennial.

Someone in his circle of friends noted that a "narration" record hadn't been made in years...and then went on to ask if he (Charlie) had any ideas.

As it happens, Van Dyke's uncle had adapted an oratory for a speech contest in high school years before (which he won).

Charlie got a copy of the speech, and, with very little modification, "The Flag" was born.

Clive Fox put it all together through the UA (United Artists) record label.

Jimmy Haskell did the music.

All profits went to charity. In Van Dyke's words: "Nobody was looking for money."

He calls the record: "a period piece," and is "happy to have been invited to be a part of it."

Now that you've listened, does the name or the voice sound familiar? Stumped?

Charlie Van Dyke is one of the legendary disc jockeys from the heyday of AM Top-40 radio in the 1960's and 1970's.  He had a notable run at WLS in Chicago, and is probably best known for his years at KHJ "Boss Radio" in Los Angeles.

Today, he is a "voiceover artist," lending his voice to both commercials, and broadcast outlets.  In our area, he is the voice of "Action News" in Philadelphia.

More than one "Old Glory," flying majestically in the breeze... (Craig Allen photo).

"The Flag" helps put the day in perspective, right?

(Craig Allen photo)

Happy "4th Of July," New Jersey...and America!