Remember how much I said I loved Terror Behind The Walls after my first visit a few weeks ago? Well they're not over yet. Halloween has come and gone but they're doing what they call a special 'Remix' night this Saturday November 9th, and they're doing something inside the abandoned Eastern Penitentiary that Terror Behind The Walls has never tried before.

Turning out ALL the lights. Complete blackness. Except you get one little glow stick to find your way around. A glow stick so tiny it will only show you, dimly, two feet in front of you. So the hollywood style made up ghouls, freaks, and zombies will be almost on you before you even see them coming. You'll have to basically feel your way along the haunted corridors. There's even going to be an added section for this one night only that will put visitors in a harrowing position, but they won't say what it is. There will also be an area of zombies very close to those in "The Walking Dead". Imagine that when you can only see them at the last second.

So if you haven't gotten enough terror this Halloween season, you can bring the game into overtime. This is a one night only deal. You might want to see your cardiologist first. Bwahahahaha. For tickets, click here.