If you didn’t catch it on air, my first visit to Eastern State Penitentiary for their Terror Behind The Walls annual attraction was this past Saturday. It was amazing. I had never even done a walk through haunted attraction before this, and this one was recently named 6th best in the country. Plus, it had been so hyped by the people I went with I was really beginning to wonder what I was in for. Everyone has different fear levels I guess. I was only startled once to the point I actually shouted out loud, but it was most definitely an adrenaline rush. As well as incredible fun.

The theme is basically that you’re being incarcerated and processed (complete with a delousing station) into a jail that has been taken over by zombies and other assorted insane inmates and creatures. The special effects are damn good. They disorient you every way possible with sight and sound, some rooms even filled with fog so thick that you practically have to feel your way through. One of the coolest rooms is the 3-D room, black walls with horrific images that seem to float in mid air coming off them. Suddenly a wall turns into arms reaching out for you. Then there’s the sound of frequent gunfire with air cannons that actually “hit” you at times out of nowhere.

I could go on but if you haven’t been there yet and can make the trip in time for Halloween I don’t want to spoil it too much. If you go next year you might well see me there as I plan on making this a tradition. Here’s their website if you want to check it out for yourself.