Nik Wallenda

Wallenda Walks the Walk – Why Did You Watch? [POLL]
I knew I had to tune in last night to Discovery to catch Nik Wallenda waking 1,500 feet above the Grand Canyon.
I knew that had he failed in his attempt, we’d all be talking about what a fool he was for trying in the first place. Or how brave he was in trying...
Nik Wallenda to Walk Tightrope Over Atlantic City
Nik Wallenda of the famous daredevil Wallenda family has announced he'll walk a 1,300 foot long tight rope high above Atlantic City, untethered. He says the most difficult part of this will be the unpredictable winds coming in off the ocean. Why will you watch?
Wallenda Makes It Across Niagara Falls [VIDEO]
There was "wind coming from every which way," mist so powerful it clouded his vision and an unfamiliar wire beneath him. But Nik Wallenda didn't let that stop him from becoming the first person to walk on a tightrope across the Niagara Falls.