Nik Wallenda of the famous daredevil Wallenda family has announced he'll walk a 1,300 foot long tight rope high above Atlantic City, untethered. He says the most difficult part of this will be the unpredictable winds coming in off the ocean.

The line will connect from the Tropicana Casino and Resort to the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel. Atlantic City Tourism is expecting 50,000 or more people to show up to see this.

Wallenda is the one who did a similar stunt 200 feet of Niagara Falls back in June. But this time, no tether.

Nik is part of The Flying Wallendas family whose patriarch was Karl Wallenda. Born in Germany, Karl started performing at 6 years old. He died on March 22nd, 1978 attempting to walk a tight rope ten stories high between the towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As he always did, he kissed his wife before stepping out through the window and onto the rope. He never made it.

Click here if you want to see a video of this fall. While you never see Karl Wallenda hit the ground (he simply falls off the wire and eventually out of view) it is still worth warning you that it is disturbing to watch knowing the man was falling to his death.

On June 4th or last year, Nik Wallenda completed that very same walk in honor of his great-grandfather.

For more information about Nik Wallenda's Atlantic City stunt, click here.