Mitt Romney

Romney Wins Michigan,Arizona Primaries [VIDEO]
Mitt Romney scored a hard-won, home state triumph in Michigan and powered to victory in Arizona Tuesday night, gaining a two-state primary sweep over Rick Santorum and precious momentum in the most turbulent Republican presidential race in a generation.
Mitt Romney Not Gaining Fans In Michigan [VIDEO]
Anyone see this video? It's a pandering, desperate Romney awkwardly sucking up to folks in Michigan as Santorum was surging against him in the polls. This was one of the phoniest political moments I think I've ever seen. Trees seem to be the right height...
Is Christie’s Boy In Trouble?
Mitt Romney came out of Iowa the declared winner.  But a great amount of time later the news came out that the 8 vote plurality in the Iowa caucuses may have been in error, and that Rick Santorum may have actually won.  That's the kind of misfortune that would sink most candidates…
Most of Romney’s Top Fundraisers Remain Anonymous
Despite criticism of Fannie Mae by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, his campaign accepted nearly $280,000 in donations raised by a registered lobbyist who once represented the government mortgage giant and whose clients now include a private equity firm and the drug company Pfizer.

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