Anyone see this video? It's a pandering, desperate Romney awkwardly sucking up to folks in Michigan as Santorum was surging against him in the polls. This was one of the phoniest political moments I think I've ever seen. Trees seem to be the right height? What? It's like watching a guy die on stage at an open mic night. You hope for a trapdoor for THEIR sake. When he gets to the part about how much he loves cars, especially American cars, I can almost feel Michiganders blood boil from over 600 miles away. After he dropped out of the 2008 race and the bailout of the American auto industry was upon us, Mitt Romney said we should let Detroit die. Now he loves American cars? What, I guess it was just the American workers he didn't give a x-x-x-x about? I worked in Detroit for many years and still have many friends who work in the auto industry. They are good people, smart people, and they have memories. If he thinks they'll forget his words he's sorely mistaken, no matter how much he likes the pretty lakes and trees and cars. Take a look at the video if you want a good laugh.