Mitt Romney came out of Iowa the declared winner.  But a great amount of time later the news came out that the 8 vote plurality in the Iowa caucuses may have been in error, and that Rick Santorum may have actually won.  That's the kind of misfortune that would sink most candidates out of the gate.  Not Santorum.  Now, with no money, he's suddenly pulled even with Romney and has more momentum on his side after the hat trick of Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri.  Here comes Michigan on February 28th, where some say Santorum should spend every penny he has, because if Romney can't win in as close to home turf as he can get in Michigan, he's sunk.

It may not go Romney's way.  Take a look at this piece by LZ Granderson.  He's not only pointing out that it's far from a sure thing, he painstakingly points out more flip flops than on the deck of a ship in Deadliest Catch.  Most telling is how in 2008 Mitt Romney went to Michigan preaching the gospel of saving the auto industry, only to turn around and write a NY Times op-ed titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" after dropping out of the race.  I worked in south east Michigan.  People there will remember being used like this.  That combined with the fact the western side of the state is more conservative and therefore naturally leans more towards a candidate like Santorum, this could get interesting.

Even if Romney can pull it off on the 28th, how's he going to take down an incumbent president who's ahead of him in the polls when he can't even stop the resurrection of Rick Santorum?  Does this all point to a GOP in disarray and four more years of Obama?  As they say, stay tuned.